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Basic Formula?

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    For some unknown reason, my 6 kilogram physics textbook doesnt explain the formula:

    (me^4 / 8e0^2 h^2 ) x 1/ n^2

    Where n is the state number.
    Im just wondering what the me is, it is not m(subscript e) but just me both lowercase, e0 is greek epsilon subscript zero.. Could someone help me out, thanks
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    it's m times e^4, where m is electron mass and e is electron charge.
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    Substitute α = e2/4 pi ε0 h c

    where α = 1/137 = fine structure constant

    Bob S
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    h should be hbar in here.
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    You're right. My hbar key isn't working. It would be nice to have hbar in the copy and paste thread:https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=347 [Broken]
    Bob S
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