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Batteries of the Tesla model S and 3

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    Hello! I have a good question to about the possibility of making a descent power output on batteries on tesla model vehicles s and 3. The batteries that are 3 quarters inch long placed in a cell at the bottom of those vehicles. It costs 4 to 5 thousand to replace the cell if damage or not reusable with a 8 to 10 year warranty free service. Each battery cost 20 dollars to replace lithium ion battery. I would like to know if you can come up with a solution of an output equivalent for 5 dollars instead of 20 dollars on the it's power efficiency to put on the cell that is 3 quarters inch long. Using the math of hours of amperage and Faraday in mathematic formula. Please if you can send me a message about this, please contact me. Thank you!!
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    It seems that you want to know if there is a cheaper alternative to the Tesla brand batteries, which will perform just as well? From what I can find, the Tesla company benefits from economy of scale in its batteries. So I doubt there is something that you could buy, which would be cheaper and deliver the same level of performance.
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    As I understand it Tesla use thousands of small batteries. The load and charging currents must be shared between all of these cells equally. One miss matched cell and there will be trouble, possibly including an increased risk of fire. I suspect that close manufacturing tolerances (eg Good quality control) is also needed to ensure the cells are well matched. There will be other reasons the cells are expensive.
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    I probably have to ask a tesla dealer!!
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    From my limited experience, the people in Tesla dealerships are not that focused on the details of the battery subsystem. Their emphasis is on the overall car.

    Afaik, the actual batteries used by Tesla are Panasonic 18650s, a standard size battery readily available for retail purchase.
    Amazon will sell you a 4-pack for $26.88 here:

    The secret sauce in the Tesla system is the cooling and control package that holds the batteries. That manages the power flows for charging and ensures the batteries see similar loads and depletion rates. I think it is where much of the added cost you note is incurred.
    Tesla is of course trying hard to push down the price of the batteries as well, that is where their Gigafactory comes in. Also, the new lower cost Model 3 will greatly expand the market for the cooling and control package, which should also help cut costs a lot, for the high end Model S as well as the smaller Model 3.
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