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I BCFW recursion relation

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    Below is a snipet from http://file:///C:/Users/Christian.Hollersen/Downloads/Britto_2011_2%20(1).pdf [Broken] of Britto. Similar explanation can be found in the QFT books of Zee, Schwarz or the Scattering Amplitude text of Huang. Or any other text that covers BCFW recursion. My dumb question: how and why does the residue at this pole take this funny factorization form? (For clarifcation: residue is the just the word QFT people use for the numerator of a rational function with a simple pole, right?)


    Thank you!
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    There are at least two ways to show the factorization of amplitudes on simple poles. An ancient proof using only properties of the S-matirx (analyticity, unitarity and cluster decomposition) can be found in Eden et al. "The Analytic S-matrix" sec. 4.5. For a more recent discussion see the nice review by Conde

    http://pos.sissa.it/archive/conferences/201/005/Modave 2013_005.pdf

    Alternatively there is a more local field theoretic proof given in Weinberg "The Quantum Theory of Fields Vol 1." sec. 10.2.
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