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Becoming a student member of IEEE

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    Hey everyone. I'm a sophomore in Electrical Engineering, and loving it (except for the homework...and tests...). Anyways, it's almost time for me to be applying for scholarships (well, in a couple months), and I was thinking about applying to IEEE as a student member. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on if its helpful or not, informational wise, and also for scholarships/resumes? And also, are there any other organizations that I should look into joining to bolster my scholarship chances? I mean, don't take it that to mean that I'd join just to make myself look better, I also want it to be helpful to me as an engineer. Thank you :)
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    I am interested in this also. I would love to see some ideas about it
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    I joined IEEE somewhere in my undergrad, and was the chairperson of our student chapter for my senior year. Being a member is probably a plus on your applications and resume, but being a very active chairperson of your local chapter shows leadership. I helped organize field trips each term to prospective employers (mostly HP), and we had faculty mixers, etc. Consider running for chairperson of your local IEEE chapter.

    As for other societies, the ones that matter are the ones that you earn your way into. Like Tau Beta Pi and other academic societies. Those definitely count on scholarship and job applications.
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    Good question.

    I'm a sophmore EE and I'm the VP of our IEEE organization. It's a definite plus to join. Also, go to the events, because you can also network with individuals and other industry professionals for internship and also job opportunties. I'm also the student chair for the regional IEEE section. It's a definite plus to join those organizations.

    Remember, its one thing to be a "member" and another to run the thing. Don't get me wrong, being a member is completley fine, and is what IEEE has been built from, but if you want to appeal more than just being a member, join the Eboard. Anyone can pay the $30 for students and be a member AND NEVER go to the meetings. I've seen it happen.

    Bottom line: Be active, join the E-board.
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