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Becoming an AP high school teacher

  1. May 12, 2014 #1
    Hello everyone. I've been searching for some similar topics, although I didn't find one. In case a topic already exists, sorry about that.

    I'm currently an undergrad studying CS, and I'd like to know whether becoming an AP teacher at a local high school requires additional coursework. For instance, do I need a credential to teach at the high school level, or is my B.Sc enough? Am I able to teach any AP course, for instance, even courses in physics and mathematics, or would I be limited to only CS?
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    Yes. Check out your university's education department's web site and look for information on "secondary education certification" or something like that. The rules and requirements vary from one state to another.

    You'll probably need to take some additional education-related coursework, and do some student teaching. (You must have had some student teachers while you were still in school.)
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