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Bedknobs and broomsticks

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    This was a great Disney film. It was a favorite of the Evo Children.

    It came up tonight and I was wondering how many here remember it. My favorite part was bringing the armour in the museum to life to fight the Germans. You kids might remember the soccer game from the Island of Namboombu.

    Twisting _Edge thinks a lot of people know of the movie because it was referenced in D&D, I think you're all too young. And if you knew it from D&D, that wasn't the movie. :grumpy:
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    I love Bednobs & Broomsticks.

    Angela Lansbury and David Tomlinson (probably best know as the father George Banks in Mary Poppins - another of my favorites) were smashing! What!
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    Math Is Hard

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    I need to go rent that. Great film - and I love Angela Lansbury! Did you ever see "Mrs. 'Arris goes to Paris"?
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    I used to have the soundtrack on vinyl as a kid :blushing: o:)
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    Yup, I remember it well. Awesome flick.
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    Good flick, better book.
    See also C.S.Lewis(Narnia), Tolkien(d,oh), Kipling(Jungle Book), Edgar R. Burroughs(Tarzan), Robert A. Heinlein(Starship Troopers) et al etc.
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    I still have the tape, and, amof, I just looked at it a few months ago with my sister during a childhood-nostalgy attack. Was great, just like the first time I saw it when I was a kid. :smile:
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    This is my kids favourite by far, they always ask for it and every time are absolutely absorbed for the duration, which means I love it too- a lot of peace for me!
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    Dr Transport

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    There wasn't a Disney movie made before the mid '70's that I didn't absolutely love as a kid. As politically incorrect as it is, I saw "Song of the South" the last time it was released and thought it was wonderful. I'll bet they have destroyed it and my kids will never be able to see it.
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    The soccer game is hilarious and unforgettable :smile: Especially if you know soccer.

    Yeah another Good one.

    Who remembers Sword in the Stone?

    The fight between Merlin and? Forget her name, the witch is classic.:smile:

    Ah Mimm.

    For those who haven't seen it Merlin ends up as a disease who infects Mimm, and the rest is history :smile:
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    No I have it on video, yipe de do dah yipe day :smile:

    I think it's based on the br'er rabbit stories which were awesome, read them as a kid.
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