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Before merzbatcher

  1. Jan 18, 2005 #1
    before reading merzbatcher for quantum mechanics,what is a good book to learn basics as i want to understand quantum mechanics from the basics.
    kindly help me in this matter. :confused:
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    Good Question... :smile: I find Griffiths,David J.:"Introduction to Quantum Mechanics" the least challanging introductory text...

    Good alternatives to Merzbacher's book are Sakurai and Landau & Lifschitz...

    If u really want to know why QM is as it is with mathematics,i reccomend von Neumann's "Die Mathematische Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik" (the English edition,1955) and a bit more,i think of it as "the bible",J.Prugove├žki:"Quantum Mechanics in Hilbert Space"...

    Start with Griffiths...

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    Dr Transport

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    Start with Griffiths or McGervey. From there go on to Liboff or Cohen and Tannoudji which is not too bad (although I do not like th way it is laid out with short chapters and lots of appendicies).

    Messiah is one of the best, Sakauri not too bad if you know quite a bit. Mertzbacher and Schiff are about the same level. von Neumann is extremely mathematical.

    I would teach a graduate course out of Schiff or Messiah, undergraduate out of McGervey.
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    thanks a lot for ur kind advice.iam indeed more thankful to u both!
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