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Behavior of gaseous oxygen in a closed box under magnetic field?

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    Hi all,
    I'm new here, and I hope I'm doing this right. I mean posting where I should.
    Feel free to let me know. ;-)

    First, I'm a biologist but I'm a scientist and I'm interested in magnets recently.
    I read that magnetic field attract oxygen liquid (all over you tube) and also gaseous since faraday.
    So far, no problem.

    Now, let's put air in a box, close it and put a permanent magnet (whatever strength) on one side of the box.
    Here is my question : Is oxygen attracted on the side of the box where there is the magnet, or it's creating a convection mouvement ?
    If you have a third option, I'll take it as well. ;-)

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    By the molecular configuration of oxygen, two electrons are unpaired (i.e it is paramagnetic). So, the oxygen (O2) molecule will be attracted to magnet.
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    Hi Godparticule,

    Yes, I agree with the fact that since oxygen has two unpaired electrons it will be attracted by the magnetic field.
    Now, in a close box filled up with air (including oxygen), oxygen will still be attracted by the magnet that is on the side of it right ?

    I have the feeling that the movement of oxygen molecules will create a flux inside the box and that oxygen molecules will turn around. Am I right, or this is total bullshit ?

    Thanks for your answer

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