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What is the relationship between paramagnetic field strength at a given distance from the source?
Apologies if I have put this in the wrong topic. And apologies if the question is unclear, I am a biologist by background attempting to do some physics here!

Basically I am looking to define how a magnetic field generated by a paramagnetic substance (gadolinium above curie point) in the presence of an auxiliary magnetic field would deteriorate over distance. I have calculated the magnetisation of the gadolinium, and now want to work out the theoretical strength of the paramagnetism at a given distance from the source? I think I have found formulae for calculating this with regards to diamagnetic materials, but does this hold true for paramagnetism?

Experimental Background: I have developed a magnetometer system (cannot discuss due to IP) but essentially want to see where the sensor is sensing only the auxiliary magnetic field and areas where the sensor is picking up extra magnetism of the gadolinium. What I am trying to establish is how close the gadolinium needs to be to the sensor in order for me to sense these effects? (this is all being done on the nano-scale)

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