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Being All-Knowing would be

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    Dull enough to drive a being insane.

    Wouldn't it?
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    The amount of pleasure that can be gained from using intelligence seems to go upwards with the amount of intelligence one has, as opposed to downwards. Of course, we can't really extrapolate this all the way up to an all-knowing God but I suspect that our minds would be much duller (more like an ant's in comparison) so we probably shouldn't assume too much about any God that might exist.
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    Eventually The square law of technology and information will make artificial intelligence as GOD in about a thousand years or so. Some argue this, but it is inevitable as long as Technology continues. It will be called the Oracle to some and GOD to others and the most advanced intelligent being in the Universe to some, Possibly bordering on Quantum entanglement of an intellectual artificial being, Possibly made of Quantum light intelligence, Science fiction, Maybe. We make our own GODs. Science will make them better, There will be a time when scientist ask AI for answers that are to hard to figure out.

    It would make for a good book.
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    It would suck I bet. Theres no great feeling to doing something only God can do because since you're God, you already know how it feels :P
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    Since you know everything, why do anything?

    Omniscience is boring. >_<
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    I have the feeling you are basing this on a personal experience of having discovered all you wanted to know about one subject or another, and having satisfied your curiosity about it, now find it no longer holds your interest.
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    Nope, common logic.

    If you know everything(past, present, and future), why bother with it?

    (By the way, have you figured out where to place this topic, mods?)
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    I think that would be the case only if you were a victim of bordom.

    Bordom may be a mental disorder which I don't see a superior being having.
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    If you know everything, then you now how to induce selective memory failure. So you have your own solution.

    I am all knowing, and my mistakes prove it.
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    Of course you are. :biggrin: I'm all powerful, and my weaknesses prove it.
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    Only boring people get bored.
  13. Sep 27, 2005 #12
    Who says there is all knowing? Maybe there is no concievable upper limit. Maybe we are someone else's ants milling around the ant farm. What would an ant do if it was capable of understanding everything that encompasses the earth? I bet he wouldn't be bored.
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