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Bending power - magnet units question

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    I am reading a paper where the bending power of a dipole magnet is described as 2 Tm. Is that Tesla*meter? Is bending power actually power i.e. Work/Time? Can someone explain this physical quantity to me, please?
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    This sounds like a sloppy use of physics terminology.....it does happen....
    I think it means something like 'strength' ????
    Tm looks like tesla metres which 'sounds like' a strength.
    I do not think it is power = energy per second.
    Where did you get this information
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    No, the bending power is the product of the magnet's field and length. The reason why this is useful is because a charged particle will obtain a transverse momentum of p = F * t = qvB * t = qvB * (L/v) = q BL = q * (bending power)
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