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Benefits of switching universities?

  1. Apr 26, 2010 #1
    I'm currently finishing the second year of a (Canadian) pre-med program, math major/bio minor, and am intending to switch my program of study from this to a physics major, my interests aligning mostly with astrophysics (I took a calculus-based intro physics course to satisfy the physics requirement of the pre-med program and became hooked, heh). However, I'm having two issues which I'm not sure how to resolve:

    (1) My university, while decent for pre-med, is not that suited for physics study. There are no courses on optics or astronomy (aside from one intended for arts majors), and there is only limited courses in other areas, such as EM theory. As I was intending on medicine, I stayed in my province, though my high school grades would've allowed me to attend a more decent university, due to the strong likelyhood of me remaining in my province for med-school study. However, I do have the option of taking the courses lacking in my university at another university in my province, though I'm not sure how they will be recognized (I haven't yet had a chance to speak to an adviser, which I'm planning on). As I have currently only taken first-year physics, as I took it this year instead of last year, would it be worth it to transfer?

    (2) Due to medical reasons, by the end of this year my GPA will most likely hover around a 3 or 3.25 (out of 4.5). The most significant course that was affected by this was Intermediate Calculus. However, as my grades were affected by something other than understanding, is it worth it to retake these courses to improve my GPA, or is it better to leave it and ask future grad schools to weigh my later grades more significantly due to these circumstances? If I were to retake these courses, would it be better to retake them at my current university or transfer first, assuming I decide to transfer?

    Any input would be appreciated.
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