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Best conc for an emusifier-methocel K15M)

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    if this is the right place to post such ques,( if not then direct where to)

    what considerations go into finding the best concertration for an emulsifier- methocel K15M.
    my oil phase is capric acid ( or some triglyceride). it is loaded with a drug called thiazide. the water phase has a polysaccaride, maltodextrin. together they are sdupposed to make a freze-dry emulsion tablet.

    pls be specific and point to any reference
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    I'd say that you should look at the stability of the emulsion as the primary factor. Secondary factors might include rate of freeze drying and drug release rate of the final product. After those are determined, you might have a range of concentration. The best concentration might be somewhere near the lower end (for cost purposes) but not exactly at the end to allow for variability in the process.
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