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Beware of the propaganda army

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    Similar activities have been observed around 1790 prior to the French revolution, around 1916 prior to the Russian revolution, around 1933, prior to the German "revolution" well sort of.

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    The movie scares you, then it points to a way out of catastrophe, because, of course, it's all your fault. The way out seems to consist of small things that anybody (relatively rich person in the world) could do, and it makes you feel so good to feel like you're doing something good. It's not even for helping or doing something right; it's for making you, feel good with a narrative of saving the world.

    Anyway, that's how I see it. Attractive.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Dedicated invidivuals donating their time and doing what they can to help. Yep, sounds terribly dangerous to me. I hear the Boy Scouts might attack next.
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    Well I was thinking more of the brainwashed are being ordered to spread that infection. The new dark ages are a reality.
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    lol spread the word more like it - al gore is not the one silencing the science community do your homework
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    You really think a move to energy sources more environmentally friendly will lead to a new dark ages? I'm not sure thats true.

    EDIT: Totally misread (Its late at night). I assume you mean the perceived lack of informed choice and everyone on the environmental band wagon.
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    Oh geeze, Gore (Goes Overboard Real Easy), I loved that. :biggrin:

    Telling people to stop wasting resources is good. Skewing reality to gain popularity is not good.
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    He should start with his 15,000 sq ft house. The man is a fraud and a hypocrite.

    And don't start with that crap about 'carbon offsets'. Just like Arnold buying 'carbon rights' to trees already planted, its a scam. You cannot offset carbon dioxide emissions from oil burning in any real way that doesn't involve putting the carbon (sans the oxygen its been combined with in the combustion process) back in the ground where it was before we drilled for oil.
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    reading your posts, I have the slight feeling that you aren't too fond of Al Gore... I may be wrong.

    ok, there's a slight difference between trying to rid the world of pollution, and trying to rid the world of Jews...

    That may be, but shoot the messenger, not the message. too many people use this as an excuse to not care about the environment.

    And if Al Gore is influential enough to move millions of people to stop polluting and change international policies, I don't care if he spends his spare time dipping penguins in oil and beating baby seals with them.

    Also, remember he does not lead the same life as the average person, he probably has many more guests and events and that sort of deal over at his house than the average person.
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    I'm not using it as an excuse. I'm saying he doesn't care at all. He's a politician. He's just sucking genitalia to get support. Nothing more.

    Well, then you're as bad a person as most.

    Right, so leading an extravagant lifestyle is an excuse why? Isn't that the very thing that activists harp on the average american for? Oh, so its ok for Al Gore to do it so long as he's trying to win some political leverage for personal gain, but its just wrong for a corporate executive to do the same.

    The man is scum through and through, and people falling for this are utter tools.
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    I don't know if I completely agree. If you look at the total carbon cycle, and the way it's skewed by all our uses - not only fossil fuel burning but also forestry, agriculture etc - there are lots of carbon sinks that have costs attached to them, and also some areas of research that will cost money. Granted, planting trees only consitutes a carbon sink if the total biomass is permanently increased, but it's not impossible to do that.
    In agriculture, soil can be an effective carbon sink if no-till growing methods are used. So money paid to cover the cost of adapting to the new practice is a genuine carbon offset.

    The real answer might be in-ground sequestration but that's going to take time and money. Would you object to carbon credits if the money went to CO2-sequestered cement plants?
  13. Apr 25, 2007 #12
    to be a person of political influence, you sort of have to lead a certain life-style such us hosting parties ands events... it's just the way it goes.

    lol I was obviously joking about the baby seal part, but what I mean is you have to weigh the pros and cons of what he's doing. I'm sure his positive influence is much more important then the minimal effect of his gas bill.
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    I object to the very principle that buying carbon credits lets you off the hook for your own excesses in addition to objecting to its implementation. I have no objection to spending money on updating national energy infrastructure to lower emissions. I agree with the founder of the sierra club on this one, its like buying indulgences to get your way into heaven.
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    So in other words, to achieve personal gain one must lead a certain-lifestyle that involves preaching a do as I say, not as I do, because I'm better and more important than you philosohpy.
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    Chi Meson

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    yes, to have political influence of that magnitude, one must lead a certain life-style. networking is very important.
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    Gore remiinds me of Cameron the leader of the conservative party in the UK.

    To show his green credentials he started to cycle to the House of Commons each day.

    Unfortunately for him journalists soon found out that the limo following him each morning was his chauffeur carrying his shoes and briefcase.

    All politicians are frauds.
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    The next step in the process of the new dark ages is censoring.


    Expect the big book burning event, for books like https://www.amazon.com/State-Fear-Michael-Crichton/dp/0066214130 of Micheal Crighton somewhat later this year
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    Then again, this report would have a higher priority to be burned first of course:


    And then whatever you think you can do, won't do anything in the first place, as there is no threat to defend against.
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    Well, we know who did their homework and who didn't. :smile:

    There's really no hope. Even Barrack (Hussein :biggrin:) Obama running for President in the US looked honest and real at first.

    What ever happened to Gore Vidal? He was always writing about how bad the US is. I heard he moved to Italy. Maybe I like him better than all the people that complain so much about how America is. I kinda think "Yeah? If so why don't you either try and fix it or get out and leave me alone?"
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