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Black Holes and Dark Matter

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    Is the amount of Dark Matter in a Galaxy equal the amount of Matter consumed by all the Black Holes in that Galaxy?
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    No sir. There is more dark matter than "normal matter" observed in the galaxy.
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    thanks, follow up question: is the amount of Dark Energy equal to the amount of matter consumed by Black Holes?
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    There is a lot more dark energy than dark matter, which as previously noted is a lot more than black holes.
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    Is it just me or might black holes be dark matter factories? If currently detectable matter is annihilated inside a black hole down to constituent parts that even we have not yet detected, could this be dark matter? Could this be released as the black hole evaporates (is that the right term?). If this was a yet undetected smallest possible constituent of matter, why would we be able to detect it unless as a part of massive fields of dark matter? Information cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed and surely we cannot yet know what it's ultimate transformation might be? When searching for an almost invisible, weakly interacting particle wouldn't the remnants of a once massive black hole be the obvious place to look?

    Does the universe appear as more massive because of dark matter left over from many past black holes long since evaporated?
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    I think it's just you. See above.
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    Yes I read the previous posts but that seems to refer to current black holes only, not ones long past and evaporated. What if undetectable matter left over from them is dark matter?
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    One can go and insist that all dark matter could be stored as primordial micro BH left from early Universe.
    They could be here and there but as yet not detected.
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    Okay but why would someone insist such a thing?
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    @Hoeby: please start a new thread for new questions, this one is from 2014.

    Anyway, the answer to all your questions is "no".
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