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Black powder fun

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    Years ago I hunted and shot guns with regulatrity but just 20yrs ago I sold my sweet little Ruger 10-22 and have not fired a shot since.

    A friend and coworker has been trying to get me out black powder shooting for several years now. Finally, yesterday we "got 'r done"

    Here I am holding a vintage trapdoor Springfield. This rifle belonged to a Great uncle of my friend who used it while training for the Spanish Ameican war in the late 1800's, it has been in their family since and has his initialls stamped in the stock. [​IMG]

    If fires a 45-70 round [​IMG]

    We also fired a Colt 45 replica


    We made lots of noise and had lots of fun.. What more can you ask of a day?
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    Nice pictures! I know what your thinking to yourself, did I shoot 5 shots, or did I shoot 6. So you gota ask yourself one question....Do you feel lucky, punk....well.......do you?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    And they double as tent stakes.
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    :rofl: You ain't getting me to hammer one in though.
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    The only problem with that is that the question only applies to double-action revolvers or new-generation singles. Nobody with an ounce of brains ever carries 6 rounds in a single action piece. They're 5-shooters, not 6; you always carry an empty chamber under the hammer. Now that they have the transfer bar safety, you can carry six, but that's only been in the last 25-30 years.
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    The .45-70 was the favorite round of the US military for many years, and the prevalence of trapdoors has prevented the development of higher-powered loads, since nobody wants to see folks get blown up. I have a Ruger Model 1, and have been given a 50-round selection of SEVERE loads for the .45-70 that rival any big-game loads that currently exist. If I've got to shoot an elephant or a cape buffalo, I'm all set. I'll stay with commercial rounds for deer, and maybe ramp up if I get a moose permit. The loader travels to Alaska with his father-in-law and shoots Kodiaks, so perhaps the heavy loads are justified.
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