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Blind as a bat! (the mammal, not the baseball weapon)

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    I just walked out of the optomersit, my eyes sigfincantly worse than when I went in.. He used three kinds of eye drop, one yellow and two claer, than he pointed a C02 laser at my retina (that's what it looked like to me). I think one of them silated my pupils, or the opposite, or something, everythings blurry and extremely bright. My eyelids close by their own free will. The good mews is that I'm getting new glasses! Really cool-looking, stylish glasses for a cool-looking stylish guy like me. Im going to look every bit as awesome as this guy.

    Pity I can't read the screen, I don't remember what I just wrote.
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    Not bad. You didn't miss any of the keys by more than one letter.
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    You don't need sight to type, silly. Just to know when to backspace. ^_^

    Anyway, that's happened to me(the laser), but it wears off.
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    Does baseball really involve weapons?
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    Didn't you ever see that video where a pigeon picked an inopportune time to fly between the pitcher's mound and home plate? Randy Johnson was the pitcher and bird looked like it literally exploded (granted, a bird has an awful lot of feathers).
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    I didn't know people played against birds in baseball. I thought that was golf.
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    I never knew anyone used the phrase "blind as a baseball bat."
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    I know exactly how you feel. The dr. dilated your pupils with the eye drops, so your sight will be messed up for a while (there is too much light entering your eyeball). You will have trouble reading things and keeping open your eyes if you do not wear sunglasses while your eyes are dilated. did the "laser" thing look like a blue circle that they put right up to your eyeball? they use they that i think to check for signs of glaucoma.
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    No it wasn't really a laser. It was just a really, really bright light that he focused with some sort of a lens onto my already dilated pupil. It felt like an industrial CO2 laser, I was seeing red and purple for half a minute afterwards. I'm fine now, though my eyes are watering because I'm thinking about them (and they know that).

    Baseball bats are much more blind than your ordinary fruit bat, which isn't "blind" at all.
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    Dilation throws off a lot of people. The Dr dilates your pupils so that he can examine the interior parts of your eye. The problem is that the dilation does not wear off very quickly and if your eyes are not already refracting properly (20/20 vision or better) the optical flaws show up a lot more readily when the pupils are open. To demonstrate this to yourself, if you are near-sighted or far-sighted, look at an object that is well-lit with good contrast that looks out-of-focus to you. Now roll up your index finger and thumb very tightly, leaving just a tiny aperture to peek through and look at the object. Voila! - nice sharp focus. An old fellow taught me that trick years ago, explaining that that he once used it to read a directory in a phone booth when his car went on the fritz. This method of focus gives you reduced brightness (obviously), but very good depth of field, and is the basis for the pinhole camera. I have a metal cap with a laser-drilled hole in it that serves as a pinhole lens for my old Olympus OM-1. Exposures can be very long, and depending on what you are photographing (trees with leaves moving in the breeze, water flowing through a rocky brook, etc) the pictures can be stunning. You can try this with any SLR by drilling a tiny hole in the center of a spare body cap - fall foliage on a breezy day looks really impressionistic.
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