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Aerospace Books for Aerodynamics & Flight basics

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    Hi, I am currently completing undergraduate studies in electronics & aiming to pursue MS Aerospace from US.
    Can anybody please tell about good books for Aerodynamics & Flight which cover the basics for someone without a fluid dynamics background ? Thank you.
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    "Introduction to Flight" by Anderson would be a good start for someone with no background.
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    Do I need to study flight before moving on to aerodynamics or is flight a prerequisite for studying aerodynamics ?
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    What? Well where does your knowledge fall now? Just Google the book and see what it covers. If it seems too basic, move on to "Fundamentals of Aerodynamics" by Anderson.
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    My knowledge is at the absolute zero level. I know nothing about aerofoils, propulsion & various topics.
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    Introduction to flight is used at the sophomore level of an aerospace degree. It covers basic concepts in aerodynamics suitable for someone who has had calculus, but likely hasn't mastered its application. Fundamentals of aerodynamics is used at the junior level and was used (for me, and the Author is professor emeritus at the school I went to) for both aerodynamics 1 which was taught to all AE juniors and aero 2 which was only taught to the 'planes track' students. There is some overlap between the books, but if you know nothing, I would suggest you start with "Flight"
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    a must read before studying deep into aerospace are two books which i found to be very useful

    Introduction to flight by A C Kermode
    Aerodynamics for naval aviators

    these two are excellent books with out any mathematics

    with maths and lots of theory
    introduction to flight by anderson
    aerodynamics by L J Clancy
    aircraft performance by anderson
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    I second the recommendation of Andersons Introduction to Flight.

    It covers the basics of aerodynamics and flight principles in an easy to grasp way and offers more complex thoughts if you want them, but in a way as not to confuse. Highly recommended.
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