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Books/information over superfluid vacuum theory

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    Hi everybody,
    I do not really know if this thread belongs here, it just seemed to me the right place to ask. I dont know if there's a section to ask for books, if so I couldnt find it.
    I would like to know more about superfluid vacuum theory (SVT). I am finishing my physics BSc in june, so as you can understand my knowledge over topics beyond the standard model is still pretty basic. I can grasp the ideas, not (yet) the equations.
    I went nevertheless to an informative lecture of Carlo Rovelli over LQG. It made me even more curious than I already was, so I went to search for other theories for quantum gravity. I stumbled upon this SVT, so I looked it up on wikipedia and read the whole article. I get the ideas now (kind of), but still I would like to know more. Does anybody know a book I could read, or some papers/articles whatever?
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