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Books with tons of problems

  1. Sep 17, 2014 #1
    Walking to campus this morning, a light bulb appeared above my head...

    The concepts that I've mastered, I define mastery as an intuitive understanding of problem solving methods, have one thing in common. I've practiced or used these ideas repeatedly, so they are stored in my long-term memory. For example, I self-studied propositional and predicate logic through UC Davis Logic Primer, which has a ton of problems and exercises with solutions. I've also had to use logic in: Discrete Structures, Analysis, and arguments with my wife.

    I'm wondering if you guys know about any books with lots and lots of problems with solutions for these subjects: Statistics, Probability, & Advanced Calculus (as per the topics covered in Baby Rudin)?

    Note: I have a copy of The Probability Tutoring Book, which does have a lot of problems with solutions, so a good probability book is the lowest priority of the above 3 subjects.
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    Try searching for these books. "Calculus by James Stewart, CENGAGE Learning" . "Probability and Statistical Inference (8th edition) by Robert V. Hogg and Elliot A. Tanis, PEARSON"
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