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Bosenova and EBC - any news

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    Peculiar behavior of Bose Einstein Condensates known as Bosenova is known for about 15 years.
    Any new developments?

    Can physicists account now for "missing atoms"?
    Is it a simply collapse & rebound, the latter due perhaps due to disturbances resulting in loss of bosonic structure of collapsing sample?

    From where a tiny energy of explosion is originating?

    Are there any non crackpot speculations about possibility that some sort of "remnant" might be left and if so, what it is made of?

    Did anyone attempted to estimate density of most compressed stage of the process or a density of remnant (if exists)?
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    There was a good experimental paper a few years ago that showed that the "anomalies" were due to three-body processes:

    P. A. Altin, G. R. Dennis, G. D. McDonald, D. Döring, J. E. Debs, J. D. Close, C. M. Savage, and N. P. Robins
    Collapse and three-body loss in a 85Rb Bose-Einstein condensate
    Phys. Rev. A 84, 033632 (2011)
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    Full article is unfortunately behind paywall but at least abstract was available to read.

    I still wonder what densities was locally produced before system broke down.
    Anything in range 10-1000 X of normal density of rubidium seems to be a reasonable guess.
    Wonder what are limits of such density gains and what scale of experiment is technically feasible?
    If we could cool say only 1ug of matter to these low temperatures, we could observe some incredibly interesting phenomena.
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    The arxiv version is free! Thanks for pointing out this topic.

    [Mentor's note: Off-topic observation about the economics and theology of paywalls removed]
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