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Bought new machine that 220V 50HZ - Will it work in US?

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    I got a piece of machine imported from China and after inspecting the motor it was 50HZ after looking at the specs on the motor itself. I asked about this from the start and was told it would have 60hz motor. Now aftering contacting the manufacture they said it would run just fine and to try it.

    My question is the machine has some guages (temperatures, amp, etc.) along with a little matrix (I believe what they call it) computer that controls the function of the machine.

    From reading the forums it looks like the Motor would run fine just 20% faster using 60hz instead of 50hz. Now my question is will this effect the electronics of the guages and computer? I don't want to plug it in and just "try it" if it will simply burn up the computer and electrical equipment.

    Anyone have any experience with this? I know just about 95% of all factory machinery comes from China so I am sure people have been faced with this problem before.

    I contacted a manufacture of a VFD and was told this is just for motors and wouldn't work on the entire piece of Machinery. I was also told the Frequency Converter is probably not what I want as they are more for larger industry and cost 10-25k.

    Any insight or even direction in which I may go to find out this information would be great!


    220V, 50HZ, 1.5KW
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    I wouldn't just "try it" either. If they have a 60Hz version available, make them swap it.

    Does this machine carry a UL Approved logo? What is the machine exactly? Can you link to the manual or other information?
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    I do not think they have 60HZ version available. The owners manual and brochure I got all says 50HZ.When I asked they said it was 60HZ and put it on the Invoice as 60HZ. Of course the motor comes through 50hz and Owners manual states 50hz.

    That being said buying Machinery in China means you pretty much get what you get. Nothing I can do to go back on them.

    Now for the UL sign I have not seen this anywhere on the machine.

    The machine is used to package materials and heat seals them together. So it fills bag with material and then seals it.

    There is no manual online or anything like that.
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    Hmmm. At the very least, I would ask them for at least 3 references of companies that are using that machine in the US, preferably near you so you can go visit them. I wouldn't fire up that machine (pun intended) until I knew that it had a proven track record of working here.
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    I asked before I purchased if they had one of these machines in the US and they do not.

    There is not 1 of their machines in the US.

    They had it setup and tested in China (pictures/video of it) but that of course was on 50HZ.

    I understand the motor will spin faster, not a problem. The question is will the computer and guages be affected?
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    Probably not a synchronous motor so it might not run any faster.

    What machine is it and what sort of motor?
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    The machine is a Automatic Granular Packaging Machine Model DXD-K40II.

    Does not say much about the motor on my litature. I did take a picture of the plate on the motor as shown below:

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    After Googling the model of the motor here is what I found:

    MODEL: JY7134
    OUTPUT W: 370
    CURRENT A: 4.0
    VOLTAGE V: 220
    SPEED (r/min): 1400
    Eff. (%): 62
    Power Factor: 0.64
    Locked rotor torque rated torque: 2.5
    Locked rotor current A: 21
    Pull-out torque Rated torque: 1.8
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    Google found this but the page wont open here..

    220 50 / 110 60 may refer to that machine or not??? Will be links or switches to alter for 110.

    Granule Packing Machine - Products for Granule Packing Machine ...China DXDK40II Automatic Granule Packing Machine ... Wash: 5.0Kg b) Dehydration: 4.0Kg 2) Voltage/ Frequency:220V/50HZ;110V/60HZ 3) Dimensions: 725 x 425 x. ...
    test.tootoo.com/buy-Granule_Packing_Machine/ - 181k -

    It is a capacitor (150uF) induction motor.. Hard to say what the wrong frequency will do.. Most induction motors 'slip' when loaded...Not locked to the frequency.
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    About half a Horse Power that.. Try it ... see if it gets too hot.
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    I was able to find what you found, but I believe that was for a different machine.

    Everything I found (from 3-4 sites) says 220V/50HZ
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    You might be able to change the motor for a 60 Hz one.

    Not sure whether the capacitor is needed for running or just starting.
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    Really hard to say what would happen on 60Hz.. The frequency suggests a higher speed but inductive and capacitive reactances will be different. Might actually slow down.

    I don't know much about motors. I am a radio/telecoms engineer.
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    IMO. The electronics will probably not cause a problem to operate at 50Hz; the incoming ac is probably converted to dc to run the electronics. As to the motor, should run okay also. You're going to have to run it sometime to find out. Again in my opinion.
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    Unless there are any timing pulses derived from the mains.
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