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Aerospace Boundary conditions for buckling of column

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    For fixed-fixed BC's, i have to arrest x and y displ. For simply supported case, i have to arrest y displ. Then my doubt is, while applying force at the end of the column, how the displacement will happen for fixed-fixed column.
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    You want to fix both ends and then apply loads to them?
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    yeah...that's my doubt...
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    I don't see how you want to call the ends fixed and apply loads to them simulateously. Are you sure that is what is being asked of you?
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    I read it as one end being fixed in both x and y, and the other only in y, thus free to move so as to allow buckling, like http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/54/Buckled_column.png" [Broken] Is that the problem you're describing, karthickaero1?
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