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Boundary conditions on magnetostatic

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    I'm trying to solve a magnetostatic problem and I'm not sure which boundary conditions must be applied to the magnetic vector potential (A) on magnetostatic problems?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Your boundary conditions will depend on your particular problem. Across a surface current (K) the boundary conditions are that the vector potential (A) above the current sheet is equal to vector potential below sheet. However, the derivative of A has a discontinuity:

    [tex]\partial A_{above}/ \partial n - \partial A_{below}/\partial n = -\mu_0 K [/tex]

    where n is a direction perpendicular to the plane. This article might prove to be useful to you:
    http://www.physics.sfsu.edu/~lea/courses/ugrad/360notes14.PDF" [Broken]
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