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Boyle's law and constant temperature

  1. Mar 26, 2014 #1
    Boyle's law states that the product of the pressure and the volume of a gas is
    Constant at a constant temperature, that means if pressure increase two times the volume decrease to half it's value "as long as the temperature is constant". How is the pressure increased and the temperature is kept constant, since increasing pressure involves doing work on the gas, shouldn't the temperature increase????
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    I think in reality this experiment can only be done very slowly so that the gas roughly remains in temperature equilibrium with its surroundings.
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    Yes, you right. You're doing work on the gas so you must allow an equal amount of heat to come out so the temperature may remain constant. That's why that experiment is done in a heat bath of constant temperature. A mixture of ice and water works well.
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    PV/T general gas law, PV Boyles law.

    If you increase your pressure you increase your volume of gas
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