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Brane Universes?

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    Does the string theory really require that our universe is just one slice in gazillions (or infinite?) other slices with different dimensions and such?...whats this theory called?
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    String theory is also know as M theory. A name Witten gave to it after he united the differnt ways to look at it.

    Part of M theory is what you described, called a multiverse.

    I like the idea of the multiverse because it elimnates paradox's
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    are "branes" = universes...i mean do we live in some kind of brane?
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    According to several famous versions of stringy physics we do. There is the Randall Sundrum model in which we live in a four dimensional brane that is the boundary or edge of a higher dimensional brane. Some of the puzzles of physics, like why gravity is so much weaker than the other forces, are explained by this model

    Another model that has attracted a lot of attention is the AdS/CFT one. AdS stands for anti deSitter space, a simplified version of general relativity. CFT stands for conformal field theory, a kind of string theory. Once again the AdS space is a boundary to the CFT space which is higher dimensional. The "holographic principle" says that all of the physics of the conformal field space is "coded" in the physics of the boundary AdS space. So in a sense here, general relativity drives string theory!

    It's important to note that these are research programs, not assertions of fact. String physics does not make any firm, checkable statement of fact about the world we live in.
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    What the main consensus about string theory, i think its that branes are basically universes or attached to them or something like that
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