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BrickViking's Introduction

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    I came to this forum having followed a thread about calculator comparisons (mathematics), but I'm intending to fill out my maths knowledge then support it with more physics information and comp sci. I've been knocking around on the Internet since about 1996, and had rattled around on some BBSes before then. I've got experience in Linux (kernels 1.0.9 to current for Ubuntu), Windows (various from 3.0 to Vista), and minimal bits of knowledge in Free/Open/NetBSD, Solaris, Plan 9 and Casio/HP calculators. I've also had experience with machines as diverse as 6809-based machine, Sharp's PC-1247, Z80-based machines (anyone remember the SYSTEM-80 or the ZX81?) and an Intel Core/2 (my current machine). I even had a (oh so short) SSH session on a Origin 2000 while I sorted out some guy's networking snafu (he'd managed to down localhost's network interface and several programs were going mental). 1999? 128 CPUs?? 128GB memory??? Cor.

    I'll get an article up soon (next few months) once I have participated in some forum threads.

    (Post 1!)

    Regards, BrickViking
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    Hi brickviking. :welcome:
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