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Bridging the gap

  1. Sep 16, 2011 #1
    Does anyone here know of a possible bridge degree between a bachelor's deg in electronics engineering and a degree in planetary science? I plan to pursue degrees in astronomy and then planetary science without wasting my five years with electronics. Is it possible to link them? If so, what careers can I have with this combination?
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    I'm not an astronomer, or planetary scientist or involved in the study thereof just as a disclaimer.

    One thing that sticks out with electronics and astronomy is signal processing. Have you done any of this? (Be it using hardware or software or a combination of both)?

    There is a lot of data to analyze, and signal processing should be a significant part of that, so maybe that might be a lead for you.
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    I've also thought of signal processing as a lead towards astronomy. But without having any degree in physics or astronomy, that would just lead me to careers in engineering equipment for scientists. I was wondering if I could go both ways of being an engineer and a planetary scientist.
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