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Browsers logging me out just after loggin in.

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    Hi guys,

    I have a website developed by a company and there is a problem that they don't seem to be able to fix. We have a backend login that every client gets when they sign up. When I log into one of these logins and just as I am navigating around it logs me out and takes me back to the login screen.After I log back in again no matter what I do its fine and I am not logged out anymore.If I log out and try again the next day it will log me out again the first time I log in.
    If I log in/out a couple of times that day with the same login details its fine.
    It only logs me out the very first time I log in.
    It happens on different p.c's using different browsers IE8,IE9,Chrome in different locations.

    Does anybody have any ideas where I could point them to look in the code. They are pretty proficient as programmers I think.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It could be just about anything depending on how they implemented logins, the language they're using, etc. If you've alerted them to the problem, that is about as much as you can do. Let them know that you have the problem on every computer and browser combination that you've tried. That will make them less likely to think that it's operator error.
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    Thank you for your reply Borg. I have informed them many times but they still have not resolved. I fully understand your comments about it being any number of things that could be causing this.
    Kind regards.
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    I write web software for a living and you wouldn't believe how long it can take for a bug fix to get delivered. Right now, I am coding changes that won't be delivered for more than a year. And that doesn't count the processes before it lands on my desk. Unfortunately, login bugs are often one of the more difficult (and dangerous) to fix because they lie at the core of the application. One wrong assumption about the code can result in seriously bad consequences.
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    The website is in support of an app and has not been released yet. We will be doing a beta test in the next month. It is a bug that has not gone away and needs resolving.I'm not sure if our development team are taking it serious enough. Its quite annoying and will have to be fixed. I wrote this thread hoping the bright mind that frequent this site might give me ideas for them to look at.Thanks for taking the time to answer me.
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