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Building an Electronic Inclinometer device

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    Allow me to be so bold as to ask,how do you build an Electronic Inclinometer to measure a boat tilting until it reaches a 5 degree angle. When the boat tilts to a 5 degree angle, the inclinometer has to be able to read the 5 degree. The Inclinometer has to be waterproof because it will be attached on the model sized boat which we be placed on water.

    The specification that was wriitten for the whole thing can be downloaded here (allow me to know whether the specification was helpful to you or not-Thank you).



    Feel good enough to tell me where to look on the net for a step by step guide. Feel good enough to show me examples and do feel good to accept my appreciation.

    Thank you all.
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    Inclinometers are generally either:

    Pendulum - weight on arm attached to potentiometer: cheap, easy, slow, innacurate
    Fluid level - conducting fluid (saline/mercury) with electrodes forming a potential dividor: cheap, moderately easy to build, mid speed, mid accurate.
    Acceleromter - silicon arm balance: cheap component, needs more support circuitry, fast and accurate.

    If you mean build the whole thing as a project then a pendulum arm is probably best, if you mean buy the sensors as a component and build as a kit then a liquid level sensor is probably good.
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