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Buisness Managment ERB

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    I was looking an there was this degree that combines buisness mangment and enginering. Called the ERB I would possibly take the Electrical Engineeering ERB.

    I don't know if this lets you be a manager in an elctronics buissness or gived you experience in electronics while havign som e expierienc ein buisness.

    But anyway I was thinking of taking a buissness managment degree. That instead of a science or technology degree. That way I could tak e the route into a scientific or technological company as a manger. Do yout hink that would work. Seems alot easier and probrably get payed more.
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    Well, if you get a business management degree, even if you work for a technological company, don't kid yourself into thinking that you'll be heavily involved in the design process. At best, you'll be delegating responsibility to people with actual engineering background.
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    So even if I ran the company I couldn't have much control over the designing?
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    If you ran the company, you could do whatever you want. Having said that, I'm not completely sure of what level of design you're referring to. If you're referring to aesthetics / user interfaces, you could probably get away with it. If you're talking about *broad* ideas, you could probably do it. However, if you actually want to go deep into the technical aspect of it, you won't be able to. In fact, if you try to, you'll most likely end up alienating / insulting the professional engineers. (I know that if I had a boss without an engineering background who ever tried to tell me how something should be done, I'd be extremely insulted and might even quit.)
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