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Buran Vehicle (USSR)

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    I was nostalgic of the 80's and the cold war and I came up with this while surfing the web:


    The Buran's program. It's incredible how much bad luck did they have. Eventually an hangar collapsed down and killed 8 workers and one of the built vehicles. Too much similarity with shuttle though.
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    It's an american knock-off; only we did it right the first time.
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    Actually, the Buran had numerous improvements on the OVa - despite having a somewhat different mission profile. Foremost is that it doesn't have main engines; the launch vehicle is an Energiya booster, not a fuel tank.

    Buran's major advantage was that it had full autopilot and could be unmanned for any mission if desired.
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    with two crews killed did we do it right? :frown:
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    How many flights have the Russians put up? How many has the US? Both accidents were more of a procedural screw up, not design flaws. The Russians have lost their share of Astronauts as well. It is a dangerous business no matter what way you look at it.
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