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C++ IDE - Eclipse vs. Visual C++

  1. Jul 2, 2009 #1
    I've become fairly proficient in C (relatively speaking) and want to start learning C++. However, I can't for the life of me get it working with Eclipse. I keep getting errors saying it can't find iostream, even though minGW works perfectly when compiling C.

    My brother recommended Visual C++ 08, so I downloaded it but it's lacking some features that I've come to love in Eclipse. It doesn't highlight warnings/errors nor does it have a sidebar listing where all the errors are. It also doesn't run the program right in the console but I can live without that.

    If anyone knows a way of how to get Visual C++ to highlight errors/warnings (couldn't find it in options - any plugins that would do so?), it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, does anyone have any idea why Eclipse won't compile C++ code?
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    I've never used Eclipse, but if it's not finding iostream, then you probably don't have your path set correctly. Maybe check to see what minGW uses for it's path and check to see what environment variable(s) Eclipse is looking for to define the path and make sure they're the same?

    As far as I know, MSVC++ won't highlight errors and warnings the way that you're looking for. It does take you to the warning/error if you double click on it in the output window, however, which is usually enough for me.

    What platform are you on?

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    You can also visit all warnings/errors pressing F4.
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    Thanks for the reply but I got it working a while ago. It turned out I only had a minimal installation of minGW and that the g++ compiler wasn't installed.
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    I used eclipse a while, and have used Visual Studio since the first release. My work requires that I still use Visual Studio, but I've recently started using Netbeans wherever I can (mainly when writing java) because Netbeans has a far better GUI builder than Eclipse. As for learning C++, it should be a cinch since you know C. Start with one of those web pages showing what's changed in order to give yourself an idea of it, but don't dwell on everything in the list. The biggest change, and all you need to know for the first bit of your C++ career, is that you now have member functions in your structures as well as member variables, you now call structs "classes", and you can make a new class from an existing class through inheritance. Then the next thing to take a look at is function overloading. KNowing those things is 80% of working with C++. All the template stuff, vtables, operator overloading , etc. you can wait on until you become familiar with these main C++-isms I list here.
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