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Calc or engineering calc?

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    I would like to switch my major from chemistry to chemical engineering; however there has been some discussion that I may have to many credits to be accepted into the program. I was planning on finishing most of my prerequisites this year which I thought included calculus, however the department requires engineering calculus. What is the difference if any?
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    I have never heard of engineering calculus, could you list the description? If I may ask, what school is this at?

    At most schools there are two different classes on calculus, one is intended for business/life and social science majors, which has applications geared toward those majors and is generally a little easier. The other is for math/physics/engineering etc... majors.
    Maybe Engineering calc is what they call the class intended for science majors.

    Anyway, you should ask someone in the department what the difference is. You should also look in the text and see if there is a difference from what you studied.

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    There are some math courses specifically for engineering students, not specifically "Calculus" though
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    If you do any type of engineering, you probably need Engineering Calculus. If you are doing something like chemistry or biology, regular calculus would suffice.
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    What do the course descriptions for calculus and engineering calculus say, in your university's catalog? Have any professors posted syllabi and course materials online for them? Those should tell you the subjects covered, and which textbooks are used.
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