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Calculate the flux (J) Between points x and y

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    The diffusion of Ni in FCC Fe. There is 0.3 atoms % of Ni in a solid solution in FCC Fe @ point x.
    Point y is 1 mm away and has 0.2 atoms % of Ni within the solid solution.
    Temperature = 1000° C, D = 2ε-16M2/s

    Calculate the flux (J) between points x & y.
    Radius of Fe atom = 0.13 nm @ 1000°C; a = 0.37nm.

    Ni is FCC
    4 atoms in unit cell of FCC. a= 4T/(√3)
    # Atoms = 8*1028

    J = -D(dc/dx)
    Δc = 1.6e26-2.4e26
    Δx = 1mm = 1*10^-6 nm
    J = -1.6e25 is this right?
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