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Calculate type of bearings

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    I have to select bearings for the shaft using standard bearings catalogue depending on the calculated load.

    In my shaft I calculate the loads and its 425 and 375 N in point A and B.

    I should need to choose now what kind of bearings use and also using the diameter of the shaft that its dA=dB= 15 mm. and dC= 20 mm
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    All the large bearing manufacturers (eg NSK, SKF, NTN) have a huge amount of info on bearing selection. They are available online free, but you may need to make an account (also free).
    For a more general introduction, I'd recommend Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design.
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    Welcome to PF.

    The type and size of bearing used is decided by several things. If the shaft rotates continuously then the RPM will be an important specification. Big bearings carry high loads, but only at slower speeds. If the shaft rotates slowly only part of a turn, a grease lubricated bronze or a Teflon bushing might solve the problem.

    It is also necessary to identify the axial forces on the shaft. Some bearings can handle end thrust while others cannot. Start looking at low cost commodity bearings such as standard deep groove ball bearings. Usually standardised part numbers 62xx.

    Download the Rolling Bearings section from here.
    It starts with technical selection data, then goes on to list deep groove ball bearings and many others.
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    Thank you all of you. I found what I need it in the nsk catalogue.
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