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Calculating Magnetic Field of a Bar magnet

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    I am trying to calculate the theoretical induced emf of a hand crank generator I am going to make. The generator will have a rotating magnet inside a coil of wire. The magnet will be fairly strong.

    Magnetic Pull Force: 146 lbs
    Magnet Dimentions: 2"x1"x1" rectangular block

    Is is possible to calculate the magnetic field from this data? I have already calculated that the induced emf in the coil will be..

    ε = NBω(2πRH)sin(ωt)
    N=Number of turns in the coil of wire
    B=Magnetic Field
    ω=Angular speed

    The only thing I don't have to calculate the induced emf is the magnetic field. I don't know much about calculating this type of thing, I know it can be tricky. Thanks!

    The poles of the bar magnet are on the 2" x 1" faces
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    Can anyone help me out? No one?
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