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Homework Help: Calculating the vertical reaction and moment of a beam.

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    For a 4x4 beam 12' long supported by 4x4 8' tall colums I need to calculate the moment around A and B and the vertical forces at A and B based off the point load which for discussion purposes is in the middle of the beam but could be anywhere on the beam. Does anyone know the calculations? I understand the point load may be on the heavy side at 10000kn.

    There is a link to a diagram of what I am referring to here (Points A & B):
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    What are the fixations at top and bottom of vertical beams and at connections of vertical beams to the horizontal one ?

    You say 4 by 4 beams but are they solid wood or structural steel section ?
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    Well I think that these beams are hung with beam hangers made from steel and the fixations at the top an bottom should probably have break lines there. For discussion purposes the beams could be any material but I would like to use wood first if possible.
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