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Aerospace Calculation of the exhaust velocity of a Hot Water Rocket

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    inb4 "google it", I did. There aren't a lot of information about this topic.

    Can a Hot Water Rocket or a Steam rocket ever succeed to reach outer space?
    I can calculate the exhaust velocity by determining the change in enthalpy I guess but I dont in which state will it exist in and how can I get the values from the thermodynamics table, so imagine we have a 5MW heater then we heated a tank full of water, how much is the mass and energy needed to fly is and which state will the water have?
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    Basic answer is that a rocket engine based on heating a tank of water is unlikely to be successful .

    You might find a lot of explanation and background interest in these topics though :

    (1) Liquid Hydrogen/Liquid oxygen rocket engines .

    (2) Hydrogen Peroxide catalytic rocket engines .

    (3) Flow in a convergent -divergent nozzle - usually called a DeLaval nozzle .
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