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California road trip

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    I'm currently planning to take two or three weeks of vacation driving around in California this summer (starting in mid-August). My priorities at the moment are San Fransisco, Highway 1, LA/San Diego, and a detour to Vegas and Grand Canyon.
    I've also been thinking of a short (maximum one night stay) trip to Mexico, as well as visiting Yosemite and Death Valley, but I'm not sure wheter I will have enough time for this?
    People who knows California, how much do you think is reasonable to plan for without having to sit in the car the entire days?
    If you have any further tips about what could be worth seeing, or something else you think I should be aware of, I'd be glad to hear about it!
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    I'm an Amtrak fan, myself. It's a beautiful ride down the coast between L.A. and San Diego. No traffic, no stress. You see lots of surfers and sometimes dolphins, and there are neat little places in between like San Juan Capistrano. The trip is about 2 hrs 45 mins via train.
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    Hey EL, i've been to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, so i can't comment on San Diego. I loved San Francisco's Chinatown, and the lombard street has great view. There are a lot of stuff to do there, just move around, that's how i found some of them.

    Los Angeles is great, if you like nocturnal night activities like bars, disco, etc... There are some celebrities events, you might want to check out. I remember when i was there i saw Anna Kournikova, Paula Abdul and more, near the Roosevelt Hotel, they were on the American Award Show or something like that. I'm not a big fan of them, but the crowds reaction is amazing.

    Las Vegas is Las Vegas, i loved it. You can't go wrong here, just stay near (and go inside) Caesar's Palace, Luxor, Wynn Hotel, Venettian, Bellagio, ... In my opinion those are the main attractions, i spent a whole week, drinkin', playin' (small bets OF COURSE), and partyin'. It was a good experience, it truly is the city that never sleeps.

    Well, whatever you end up doing at these places, i hope you have a lot of fun!.
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