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Can an antenna work as a lamp?

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    If Light is EM wave, and antenna can emit EM wave, then can an antenna emit light? Is this a matter of designing the antenna correctly or is there something fundamentally wrong about this reasoning?
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    Vanadium 50

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    The wavelength of light is so small that an efficient light antenna would be too tiny to see - which sort of defeats the purpose.
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    Suppose for emitting red light 694nm, the full-wave antenna would be 694nm. So you would fabricate an array of antenna like how computer chips are made from waffers, except it is metallic. On a waffer there would be many of these light-emitting-antennas. Suppose you do something like this, is there a way to tell whether it would be more effcient than LED or less efficient?

    Is laser more efficient than LED in converting electricity to light?
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