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Homework Help: Can anyone check this identity please?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    I just want to check if this identity is true, since I have not found it anywhere, can anyone help me?

    v is a vector (and that nu is supposed to be a v too)

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    The "identity" only makes sense if one of the factors is a scalar, and it's wrong even then. I think you want this, where f is a scalar function and V is a vector function:

    [tex]\nabla \cdot f\vec V = \nabla f \cdot \vec V + f (\nabla \cdot \vec V)[/tex]
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    I finally found it, looks like I was missing another term in the right side v(Div(v)), altough this is 0 in my case because im working with fluid dynamics. Now everything makes perfect sense, thanks anyway
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