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Can anyone make sense of these equations in this pdf

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    It is either outright crackpottery or it a try to copy the famous paper ""Evaluation of transformative hermeneutic heuristics for processing random data" which cited Michael Jackson and Borat (besides Bernoulli, Laplace and the omnipresent A.S. Hole) and was an attempt to identify crackpot journals by just submitting some nonsense text and waiting for it to be accepted for publication (for a non-negligible publication fee, of course).

    In a nutshell: It is plain nonsense, but I must admit it is a good comedy effort. My favorite sentence is "In accordance to proposed mechanism of dynamics of sub-elementary particles -
    Bivacuum interaction, forming the photons, electrons, etc. (Fig.1 and Fig.3), their primary
    and secondary virtual replicas are existing."
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    Please refer to the Physics Forums Global Guidelines, which are linked at the top of every page under “SITE INFO/Rules & Guidelines”; note especially the section titled "Discussion Guidelines".

    This unpublished paper does not meet our criteria for discussion.
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