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Can anyone suggest a good book or lecture on string theory

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    I am very bored and looking for entertainment such as a book or lecture having to do with string theory. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene is probably the most popular book on it. I would guess that it's fairly easy to read based on both its popularity and the clarity conveyed through the Nova series of the same name. I haven't read the book but I have the Nova dvd's, which I found clear and interesting. I guess the book is a little more technical and detailed.
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    At undergrad level, Kiritsis or Zwiebach

    One of my first encounter was Hatfield, it is also listed from the link above, and I liked it. It also covers some QFT.
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    I'll also recomend Brian Green's novels. I still remember the pop in my brain when I finaly managed to fully grasp relativety. He also paints a pretty clear picture about the what and what-nots of everything quantum, even if you find yourself backtracking.

    As far as string theory goes, I really wish they would have called it string model because the patchwork of additions and suppositions leaves this theory hanging by a thread IMO.

    Nevertheless I owe a lot to Dr. Green and would recomend his books to anyone interested in physics not just string theory!

    Oh and forget the videos, it's like comparing tolkien/potter to their films releases: a lot of shine, but there is just no intimacy.
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    Then maybe you can spell his name next time ?
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    Haha, lmao-ness :biggrin:


    This is something I came across just two days ago, looks good but haven't watched them yet.

    NB: There are three lectures, click the 2 & 3 beside "other occasions".


    This I believe goes hardcore into it, but I haven't checked it just read the description.


    These lectures are very listenable. They get detailed but you can brush past the math if you listen via mp3 and still stay with the flow and learn some amazing things.
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    You can read about strings and related/competing theories here:

    Briane Greene's THE FABRIC OF THE COSMOS...

    These are often available used from Amazon online for example.....
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    There won't be a next time if I think I'm being trolled by such a stick in the mud!

    J/K hehe, I drink a lot.
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