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Can electromagnetic waves be turned into each other?

  1. Feb 14, 2015 #1
    hey, i was wondering if this can be possible by human force, if so why are we not finding this?
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    What is the difference between "one electromagnetic wave" and "another one"? Does a mirror count?

    If you want to change the frequency: this is possible with wavelength shifters, acousto-optic modulators, frequency doubling and a few other techiques.
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    Or simply affect a (large) difference in velocity between yourself and the emitter.
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    Does gravitational red/blue shifting also counts?
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    Hi jukzzhd,

    I see that people had trouble with a previous question from you because you tried to translate it from your native language into English:


    After you tried again with more words and detail, people could see what you were really asking about. I suggest you try that here also.
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    actually i mean like, if we can turn radio waves into gamma waves ? sorry for the mistake ive made.
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    Set up a radio receiver to harvest the energy from radio waves to charge a large battery. Use the large battery to power a gamma ray generator.
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