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Can I add these Current sources?

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    Can i add these current sources even though they are not parallel since the voltage source can be a node by applying super node??? i get the same answer by using nodal analysis... but i want to know if its applicable.

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    Well, do they both flow into exactly the same nodes? That is, have you in any way changed the characteristics of the circuit by adding them?
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    Sure, they can be added that way - if only the battery between the resistors is practically perfect, without its own internal resistance. But, then, you get the calculated battery current 6A more; all the other currents and voltages being exactly the same.
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    Alex, I think perhaps you have misunderstood the goal of PF. We are not here to spoon-feed answers, we are here to help people figure out how to get the answers for themselves. Hints are appropriate, spoon-fed answers are not.

    You should read the rules:
    Giving Full Answers:
    On helping with questions: Any and all assistance given to homework assignments or textbook style exercises should be given only after the questioner has shown some effort in solving the problem. If no attempt is made then the questioner should be asked to provide one before any assistance is given. Under no circumstances should complete solutions be provided to a questioner, whether or not an attempt has been made.
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    Well that's my concern... if it can be considered as a single node even if there's a voltage source....
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    i think the question if the battery is perfect is not a problem.... so can i add it that way?? thank you btw bro.
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    Ches, the way to answer such questions for yourself is to just try it out. Figure out all of the element currents and all of the node voltages in the circuit, then add the sources and do it again. Do any elements have a different current? Do any nodes have a different voltage?
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    ches18, in addition to what phinds said ask yourself what the definition of an ideal voltage and ideal current source are.
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    Are spoon-feed questions appropriate here? If yes, mine would be,

    How to do the required transformation of the circuit (adding the currents) in three easy steps? (Well, you may perhaps call it four steps, the second not as easy as the others.)
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