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Can I substitute a (2) CES388 Diodes for a RB480K

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    Hi All,

    I am trying to wire up a fairly sensitive display that calls out for 2 RB480K diodes to be connected in series as a reference (GND C A C A). I was given CES388 diodes as a substitution but since I have installed them the display has not worked. To me, I'm a mechanical engineer, the properties seem fairly similar but I could be missing something as I am not used to doing electrical work. Any help is appreciated. if it helps the display is a US micro products P21301 in SPI mode. Thanks!
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    show/tell us more about your circuit and where these diodes need to be placed
    a schematic would be helpful

    it could be that the capacitance and or forward voltage drop differences between the 2 devices is what is making the circuit not work

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    Yes. The diodes are used for a voltage reference.

    I would go with the right part. I doubt it makes a difference because they are nearly identical, but why worry?

    BTW, the Rohm diodes (RB480K) have a slightly higher current and capacitance. That means they will have a slightly lower forward bias voltage for a given current. But the value will be in the mV range. Since the spec calls for that diode pair or a similar one, this is likely not the problem. Still, it could be. So until you get it working, go with the Rohm. Just don't expect that to fix the problem.
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    Thanks for the answer! I believe this is the case. I must have messed something else when I put in the diodes. I'll get the correct diodes in as well just to be safe.
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