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Can microwave em radiation interferes with radiowave em radiation?

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    Just a thought because of the anomalous planck satellite cmb data, and the second largest continuous structure in our solar system that almost fried the pioneer probe... Jupiter's magnetosphere which is known emitting radiowaves.
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    Radiowaves from Jupiter do not influence microwave measurements at Planck.
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    Yes, that's what ESA said, all possible causes of measurement goofs were systematically eliminated.
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    It's not just that. Detecting radio and microwaves require different sized antennas/detectors. Small detectors used for microwaves are very bad at detecting long wavelength radio waves and vice versa. Also, if they are using waveguides to get the microwaves to the detectors, then practically all of the radio waves energy would be absorbed by the waveguides before they could arrive at the detector anyways.
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