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Can plasma create current in an inductor?

  1. Jan 12, 2015 #1
    Right, I know that plasma has a very high charge because of electrons doing stuff and that the plasma can be contained and controlled using an electromagnet, but can it be put the other way round? Say I have a chamber with plasma in it, generated by whatever, and I put an inductor outside the chamber within the magnetic field generated by the plasma, could the magnetic field cause electrons to flow and an electrical current to be generated?
    Any help would be great
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    Most plasmas are uncharged. They have an equal number of positive and negative charges.
    Plasmas with variable current flow can be used for induction, sure.
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    Yes, you can generate a current this way. Moreover, experimental fusion devices called tokamaks use this method to generate a toroidal current through a plasma for stability purposes. A competing technology, called a stellarator, does not use an inductively generated current.
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