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Can someone help me download this from Youtube?

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    I have problem downloading this particular lecture from Youtube. It claimed there is not video but if you just watch online, there is definitely video on it. I tried 2 different programs already. Seems like some of the lectures cannot be download. Please tell me how to do it.

    Many thanks

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    What you are asking may be in violation of copyright law.
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    Apparently youtube has released this javascript to download MP4 files:


    The easiest way to use this is to create a new "favorites" shortcut called "get youtube video", then past in this javascript statement as the shortcut's URL. Then view the video and pause it (saves bandwidth), and then click the "get youtube video" you just created, and you'll be prompted to download "video.mp4". You can rename it during the save as or after the download.

    Or simpler still do a web search for get youtube video, right click on the link to confirm that the URL is the javascript statement above, then left click on it (nothing happens since you're not on the youtube video page), then do an add to favorites.

    You'll need Quicktime player or similar program to view a mp4 file, and quicktime pro or similar program to convert it to other video formats.

    Copyrighted videos are not supposed to be uploaded to youtube.

    Previously a person could use a program like HyperCam 2 to create a video from anything displayed on the desktop. Fraps does the same thing for directx video output, but doesn't work with all desktop windows. Now with the javascript feature, you can download the mp4 file as stored at youtube. The actual video display from youtube is flash video, but their source is mp4.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    This lecture is part of the 30+ lecture series on Electromatic class. I have no problem viewing this with my computer. But I cannot save it on my computer. Most of the other lectures in this series can be saved, just a few of them that cannot be saved on the computer. The program that I use is "Free YouTube Download".

    With this Free Youtube download, all you have to do is paste the URL and it can save the video on the computer. It just don't work for this particular leason. As I said, I can save most of the leasons of this class, it is not about copy right or not supposed to be saved. Something is wrong technically that I cannot save it on my computer and I need help.

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